Q. Where are you located? 

A. Wildlife in Need, Inc. is located at 3320 Jack Teeple Road

Charlestown, Indiana 47111.

Q. When are you open to the public? 

A. We are currently closed and in the midst of major construction to better our Ambassador’s enclosures. While we are under construction public walking tours will not be available,* HOWEVER* To keep tabs on our official opening and closing dates, as well as other active updates,be sure to like us on Facebook. We will be sure to keep the public up to date and informed on all progress and fundraising activities through the Facebook page. 

Q. Do you charge admission to your property? 

A.  Because we are a non-profit, and 100% run off the support and donations of the public, we do typically ask for a donation per person at the door, regardless of age. Prices for special events and fundraisers vary and will be announced prior to all bookings.. Your love and support is what allows us to do our jobs and provide the best care possible for our animals!

Q. Where do your animals come from?

A. The majority of our non-native exotic animals were either rescued by, or surrendered to our facility by private owners who could no longer care for their animals, or who did not care for their animals in the first place. Shut down zoo’s, circuses, private individuals and illegal animal owning/breeding operations are only a few places our animals come from. It is not uncommon for us to receive animals that were initially purchased as prospective pets which became “too big” or “too energetic” to live in an urban residence.

Aside from providing refuge to non-indigenous wildlife we also work to rehabilitate local or more domestic animal species which, for whatever reason, may not be able to cope on their own. It is not uncommon to visit us and see an orphaned deer, raccoon, opossum, birds, or other native wildlife which will be released back into a suitable habitat after a period of full recovery. Our volunteers work very hard to ensure the natural instincts of these animals are preserved to give them the best chances of surviving rehabilitation, and have had a very high success rate in native releases.

Q. Will I be able to touch/pet/or otherwise physically interact with animals on my visit?

A. While we want you to have a unique experience when you visit us, we want you to be safe as well! It is not at all uncommon for Tim to bring out animal ambassadors which have been specially worked with from a young age to be handled or interacted with by the general public. It is our goal to teach and show the truly amazing world of exotic animals in a very up close and personal way, however we cannot promise in one visit you will be able to pet an animal.

Just like humans, each one of our animals has a different personality, and while many love the attention humans give them, not all are the best for use in a general public situation. We will do our best to expose as many visitors as possible to amazing opportunities with our animals.

Q. I would like to help WIN in other ways beside monetary and time donations. How can I help?

A. While we fully encourage monetary donations which go directly to support our animals, we’re also aware that everyone can contribute something no matter how great or small. One of the major ways you may help to support our animals is to spread the word of our organization and to promote others to donate and visit our facility.

Another common way we receive assistance is through the donation of food or enrichment items. Most foods you find in your fridge or pantry will make some animal happy! To view a full list of items we often accept, check out our wishlist.

Q. Does Wildlife In Need accept meat donations or carcasses from hunters?

A. Absolutely!! Our large and small predators alike LOVE donations received from hunters or farmers of deceased livestock or game. We do NOT require meat donations to be pre-cut or dressed, as we may do that on site to accommodate the size of our animals, however we will take meats that are already packaged. If you have a large meat donation to make please contact Tim at (812) 256-3894.

Q. I’m interested in becoming a WIN volunteer… What’s the next step?

A. Email us or send a private message on our FaceBook page. Tell us what your talents are and how they would be of benefit to our Ambassadors!

Q. What are the requirements for becoming a volunteer?

A. All prospective volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and are required to fill out our application form, make a $50 donation and make a monthly time commitment. We are always looking for hard workers who share our commitment to this cause. Email us if interested!