About Us

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Wildlife in Need, Inc. is a 501c3, nonprofit organization in Charlestown, Indiana dedicated to the rehabilitation & release of indigenous wildlife & provision of safe harbor to an array of exotic & endangered species. Run by Tim & Melisa Stark, and a group of dedicated and hard-working volunteers, WIN is supported 100% through public support, donations received through tours, fundraisers, public events, and presentations.


It is the goal of Wildlife In Need, its owners, and staff to provide the highest level of care possible for our animals, and to ensure that they live happily at our facility, whether that be until they are able to be released into the wild or for the rest of their lives. Every animal that comes to our facility is cared for as an individual, not just a new member of the group, and we strive to ensure that each animal gets an appropriate amount of care, handling and interaction that they need to be happy.

While our main goal is to care for our animal Ambassadors, we believe that it is equally important to utilize all of our resources to provide a safe, interactive, and exciting way of educating the public. Not only are we able to do what we do through the donations of caring individuals such as yourselves, we are able to promote wildlife welfare, safe handling and educate all who come into contact with us, on the magnificence of all the worlds exotic animals. We hope you enjoy our website, like us on Facebook, and join us during a tour and truly experience the wonder that is looking an exotic animal in the eye.

~The Ambassadors at Wildlife in Need, Inc.